How to Join our Yahoo Group

To receive the partial masterlist, please join our official yahoo group.

How to join our yahoo group:

1. Go to On the left side of the page, please click on GROUPS.

2. Under the Find a Yahoo! Group, type pupouschem then click search.

3. The PUPOUSCHEM group information will appear. Click Join This Group below the picture.

4. If you are not yet signed in, you will need to sign in to yahoo. After you have signed in, check your profile on Step 1 if it is correct. Scroll down the page to see Step 3. Type your name and student number on the COMMENT TO OWNER box. Afterwards, scroll down then type the text on the box and click join.

5. Your request will be on pending status until it is approved by the moderator. Once approved, the Masterlist will be emailed to your registered email address.

If you are not able to follow these instructions, please send an email to or so that we can send you an invite to join the group. Once your request to join the group has been approved, the master list will be emailed to you.

For any concerns, please send us an email or text us at 09086434528.




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